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04 de Mayo de 2004

Datasheets de interés

Dispositivo Descripción
001 PIC16F84A 18-pin Enhanced FLASH/EEPROM 8-bit Microcontroller.
002 PIC16F87x 28/40-pin 8-Bit CMOS FLASH Microcontrollers.
003 PIC16F87xA 28/40-pin Enhanced FLASH Microcontrollers.
004 PIC18Fxx2 High Performance, Enhanced FLASH microcontrollers with 10-Bit A/D.
005 ST232 +5V Powered Multi-Channel RS232 Drivers and Transceivers.
006 L298 Dual Full-Bridge driver.
007 L293B - L293E Push-Pull Four Channer Drivers.
008 CNY70 Reflective optical sensor with transistor output.
009 CNY17 Phototransistor optocouplers.
010 MC78xxCT Series 3-Terminal fixed positive voltage regulators.
011 dsPIC30F High performance digital signal controller.
012 Microchip PIC's In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) guide.
013 LM150 3-Amp adjustable regulators.
014 LM341 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator.
015 LMD18200 3A, 55V H-Bridge.
016 LMD18200 3A, 55V H-Bridge Application Note.
017 MC4558 Wide bandwidth dual bipolar operational amplifier.
018 Microchip PIC's PICmicro Mid-Range MCU family reference manual.
019 SP200 - SP213 series +5V High-Speed RS-232 transceivers with 0.1uF Capacitors.
020 DS12887 Real-Time Clock.
021 TC7660H High-Frequency 7660 DC-TO-DC Voltage Converter.
Total: 21 datasheets.

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